Popular Organza Bag Set

Comes with set of 50 Bali Blessing Cards, Little Booklet and bonus a Bali Blessing Greeting Card. Choice of 3 Colours.

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Bali Blessing Cards

Our little cards are at the heart of inspiring moments of mindfulness.

Find out how to use them.

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About Us 

  • After a long search for an artist to paint the tiny pictures (20×20 cms) to go with the 50 chosen words for the Bali Blessing Cards, the first set were created in early 2014.
  • Inspiration, creation, and the printing of the first set, came from a desire to provide positive daily inspiration for a person captive to brain cancer.
  • From a simple beginning we were inspired to continue sharing Bali Blessing Cards with the creation of our most popular set, our Organza Bag Set including the 50 little cards, the little booklet, and a bonus Bali Blessing Greeting Card.

  • On one side of the card is a word and a picture depicting life in Bali and on the other side the Endless Knot, connecting friends to each other.
  • The little Booklet sets out the meaning of each word and includes a quote to inspire