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A Bali Blessing Greeting Card connects the giver to the receiver with a special energy from Bali.
Each of our 14 greeting cards comes with a beautiful piece of art work on its cover, created by our artist Nyoman Wijana from the famous Agung Rai Fine Art Gallery in Ubud.
Over the page is one of our words and its meaning from the Bali Blessing Cards range sitting under our logo, the Penjor.
Penjor are the festive ornamental bamboo poles that line the streets of Bali during the Galungan, which is one of the most important ceremonies in Bali. The arched top of the bamboo pole represents Mount Agung, Bali’s highest mountain, considered the abode of the gods. The body of the pole is a river that flows from the mountains to the sea, and along its route, tied to the poles, are the products of the harvest. A significant connect to the flow and harmony of life.
Through including our logo onto page two we bring the spirit of Bali to the message you write on the blank page opposite.
Incorporated into the Penjor logo, is the Endless Knot. The Endless Knot is composed of right angled, interwoven lines. It twists around itself, with no discernible beginning or end. It symbolizes endless wisdom and compassion and highlights the universe’s constant connection to our human existence.
The intertwining of these lines represents how all events, past, present and future, are bound by a never-ending cycle of cause and effect. Thus, the whole pattern is closed in on itself with no gaps, leading to a universal design of great simplicity and fully balanced harmony.
Since everything in the Universe is interrelated, the placing of the Endless Knot on a gift or greeting card creates an auspicious connection between the giver and the recipient. The gift recipient is therefore reminded that all our current positive karmic energy is directly related to all of our current and past actions.
On the back of each card you will find our Endless Knot logo with our website.

FRONT OF CARD:             Bali Blessing Art Work
INSIDE OF CARD:            Left hand page: Logo, Word and Meaning
Right hand page: Blank
BACK OF CARD:               Logo & Website Address
FOLDED CARD SIZE:      Width 8.7 cm Height 11.5 cm
ENVELOPE SIZE:             Width 9 cm Height 12.5 cm

  • 6 Birth,
  • 7 Blessing,
  • 8 Brotherhood,
  • 13 Creativity,
  • 16 Education,
  • 24 Grace,
  • 25 Gratitude,
  • 31 Light,
  • 3 Obedience
  • 36 Peace,
  • 39 Purpose,
  • 41 Responsibility,
  • 48 Understanding,
  • 50 Wisdom

MADE FROM:    Heavy Duty Card Stock and White Stock Envelope
NOTE:               All products are paper based and care should be taken against contact with liquid.

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